fredag 5 augusti 2011

E-writing assignment 4, final entry

The End

- I want a divorce.
The words hit me like the sound from a distant drum. I looked at her perfectly shaped head and then to her eyebrows. Had she dyed them too? She was sad, but not crying. A divorce.. was she sure of that? What do I want?
- Are you sure of that? I asked her.
-Yes Sam, I'm completely sure.
She is sure. How could anyone truly be sure of such a thing? A single woman with to kids, she'd never done that before, so how could she be sure it would turn out better?
- Have you met someone else?
She sighed and replied with a tired look on her face;
- No, that's not the case.
- Oh, alright, I replied surprised.
- You know Sam, you dont have to cheat in order to want to leave.
She had a somewhat bitter tone in her voice and of course I knew what that came from. She referred to all my sidesteps from marriage over the twenty-two years we'd been together. I'd been a terrible man towards her in many aspects.

We met when we both studied at the same college. She was studying to become a lawyer which she took a degree in later on, and I was studying to become a real estate agent, which didn't happen. I work as a painter on a huge company and I hate it most of the time. Back then she was as sophisticated as she was standing infront of me right now. It definitely was a turn on. But sometimes I thought she could get a bit too self-asserted, which really could put me down and make me feel like somewhat of a lesser person. I know other people feel the same way about her. I watched her sit down in her favorite armchair, she stroked the hair out of her face and turned to me.
- I don't think you need any particular reason to why I'm doing this. Maybe you can figure it out yourself.
No I can't I thought to myself. But of course I couldn't tell her that. I mean... I know why anyone would like to leave me, but why now? had there been any releasing, triggering factors lately? had I acted more of a jerk than what I usually do?
She watched me closely and then gave me a dejected look.
- Oh my God Sam... You can't even realize why I'm leaving. You have no sense of self-revelation do you?
- No, but I just figured that it might had to do with some event or something I've done recently.
Her face turned a bit red and I could see how her eyes nearly fell out of their eye-sockets. She swallowed hard and fast and then said;
- This is one reason to why I'm leaving you.
She stood up and walked over to her suitcases.
- I'm staying at my mother's and the kids are going to stay there with me until I've settled into another apartment, just so you know. Bye Sam.
- But... I would like to see my kids.
- You know the telephone number to my mother's house.
She took the suitcases and walked out of the living room, through the hall and out of the front door. The built-in glass rattled as she closed the door behind her.

I think several minutes past before I got back my senses. It suddenly hit me, the love of my life has left me and I didn't feel a thing. Does this finally qualify me as a hands down sociopath? No, wait. Maybe I'm simply shocked. It surely has to be that I'm in a state of shock. So this is neat. Here I am in a 200 square meter big house in the suburbs of London. My wife just left me and I really can't see any particular reason to do anything. Should I feel sad? I should go and have a drink at the pub.

The atmosphere at the pub was merry and loud and there was quite a lot of people there tonight. I made my way to the bar counter and ordered an ale. As I sat there I felt a strange feeling of relief, or was it emptiness?
- Drowning your sorrows, eyh?
A woman whom I hadn't noticed sat on the bar stool next to me, she held a glass of red wine in her hand and made a gesture to toast with me. I raised my glass to a toast and we both took a sip of the bewerages.
- Yeah, I'm afraid that's the case, I replied.
She smiled at me in a considerate way and said;
- Well, at least you're not alone.
She had an ingenious look to her, and was really attractive. But not in the usual way, she had something different about her which I couldn't pin down.
- If you look at those two over there... (I discretely pointed towards a young couple at the other side of the bar) Those two are the only one who isn't drowning their sorrows here tonight.
She couldn't help to start laugh, and so did I.
After a while, when we'd calm down she gave me a serious glance and said;
- So tell me.. What happened?
I cleared my throat and was obvious surprised by her straight forward way.
- My wife just left me, actually just a couple of hours ago. What happened to you?
I looked at her lips, created to perfection. I realized I enjoyed her company, it was refreshing to speak with someone in such a honest and uncomplicated way.
- My boyfriend left me last week... but you know, the strangest thing about it? (she now turned her whole body straight towards me as she sat on the bar stool) I don't really feel sad about it. I'm simply feeling relief... Does it sound crazy?
I gave her a smile and then I replied;
- Trust me, it doesn't.

torsdag 4 augusti 2011

E-writing assignment 3, set of poems

1) I tried to write a haiku.

The bud bursts and you can see the green
a new day today
after the rain we can pretend again

2) post a poem of any shape, form or style.

Where the wild fish swim
I'd like to lay down there
the second before
evening turns into blackness
I'd like to pause it
Were all mistakes are kept and held
I'd like to see them maybe
twist and shake them too
Where the rational and the surreal meets
I'd like to have the guts to stay
And when and where it hurts from within
or outside
I'd like to have the curage to face it

3) post a limerick.

There once was a girl from Greece
who couldn't stop to freeze
she then tried to see
if a warm blanket could set the feeling free
but sadly all she did was start to sneeze

E-writing assignment 2, dialogues

1) Two office workers who know but dislike each other are trapped in a lift with a sales representative who they´ve never met before but who they´re both attracted to. Help is on its way.

Leaslie: Excuse me, but are you seriously staring at my tits??! the woman looked annoyed, but at the same time a bit flattered, at least Jasper thought so.
Jasper: euhmm.. I'm sorry, he replied - trying to look anywhere but at her chest.
Chester: Don't mind him, Miss. He doesn't seem to have the ability to act right at anytime.
Oh god, that old Chester couldn't help trying to pick some extra points, Jasper tiresome thought to him self. He decided to try to rescue the embarrassing situation.
Jasper: I'm terribly sorry if you felt offended, it's just that you're wearing such a nice top, Miss...? What was your name?
The woman gave him a misgiving look, but then she jerked her head a bit and gave him a innocent smile.
Leaslie: That's good to know because the top wasn't cheap. My name is Leaslie, and yours?
Jasper: I'm Jasper, pleased to meet you.
Jasper felt the indoubtable feeling of triumph as he smiles and saw Chester's somewhat wretched facial expression.
Chester: So.. Leaslie.. Please to meet you, my name is Chester. I guess you're not from around here?
Leaslie (answering slowly): No Chester... I'm actually from Boston.
Chester: I've could of guessed that! I've been there a lot for business related travels. So, do you might fancy a bit of dinner once we get out of this damned steel-machine?
God what an idiot, Jasper thought. How can he possibly think that hot Leaslie would go out with him? A fat middle aged man. Before Leaslie had time to answer, Jasper got in the way.
Jasper: Leaslie, If I were you, I would think twice before dating a middle aged man with pinstripe suit and a habbit for late snacks.. He said as he gave her a few friendly taps and strokes on her shoulder.
Leaslie took a moment, looking with an unsure face back and forth between the two colleagues. Suddenly the elevator made a twitch and adjusted into it's original place and started moving downwards. Leaslie adjusted her jacket, real quick and when the elevator reached ground floor she turned towards the two men and said,
Leaslie: You two don't like each other much.
The doors tinkled and opened and Leaslie got out.

2) The Samsons family gathers to have dinner which doesn't occur often. The family consists of three children, all girls who have moved out from the family home, and mother and father. The dynamics of the group are a bit tense and awkward and someone isn't invited to join in to dinner, with causes feelings of unease.
Monica: SO nice to have the whole family gathered.. Who'll say grace?
Fanny: Mother, I think you're forgetting someone now...
Peter: (interups) I will. Dear Lord, we thank you for this wonderful meal and for all the truly remarkable gifts that come in our way, Amen. (everyone releases from each others hands) So Carol, how's your new school?
Carol: Well dad, there is a lot of studying and I don't have time for much else. The geo-science club is a bit left in the dark since I started school, but I think it's nice anyway.
Monica: And your fellow students, are they as nice and proper as you?
Fanny: (mutters silently) Oh my god....
Carol: Yes mum, they are. (giving her sister an annoyed eye)
Peter: Fanny, I heard you.
Carol: (with a smile) So, what's for dinner? I'm starving for your food.
Monica: I've made roasted chicken with some vegetables in the oven and potatoes to go with that. And your father has made his fantastic gravy. So please feel free to start, after all, you are our guests.
Peter: So Fanny.. Your mother tells me that your journalist carrier is moving up fast. What have you done in order for that to occur?
Fanny: I did a piece for BBC about indigenous indians being used as slaves, in the agriculture business in Brazil. And it got a lot of media attention.. You don't remember me being gone for 4 months last winter?
Monica: (bearish tone of voice) Of course he does! But it's impossible to remember exactly when and where you are all the time Fanny!
Fanny: Well alright! Take it easy mother.
Carol: But what have you done since that? I mean... that couldn't surely be your single and only project so far? do you do anything now?
Fanny: (hawks) Yes, matter a fact I have. I'm doing a story about how LGBT persons are being discriminated by the society. (looking straight into her father's eyes)
(silence spreads)
Monica: So, how did you enjoy the food? Carol?
Fanny: Sometimes they are being rejected from their families too.. such sad stories, right?
Peter: Lets leave this conversation now.
Monica: Nobody has touched the roasted onions, you don't like them? Is there anything wrong with them?
Peter: No, there just fine.
Monica: Are you completely sure of that? Have you even tasted them? Maybe I can go and prepare something else if you dont like it... Some carrots perhaps?
Fanny: Please mother, stop this now.
Carol: Mum, we are completely satisfied with what's in front of us, but thank you for the concern.... So dad, hows word? Did you get that big promotion?
Peter: No, i didn't actually.
Carol: Oh, that sounds weird. I mean, you've worked so hard to get it.. Did they give you any reason to why they didn't chose you?
(suddenly Monica bursts into tears)
Monica: It's all my fault! I'm a complete failure! (covers her face with her hands)
Carol: Mum! for heavens sake! what are you talking about?!
Monica: a COMPLETE disaster!
Peter: Settle down now! She forgot the dinner... They were invited here, my boss and his wife, and mum... well, she completely forgot the whole affair. We were to celebrate last years positive results, that had just gotten presented..
Monica: Oh my gracious GOD! It was so embarrassing... I had to order in! (bursts into tears again)
Carol: but mum! (gets interrupted)
Fanny: I can't believe what I'm listening to! This is so unbelievable stupid! IS THIS what your lives consists of? Sulking over some lost promotion, taking the blame over it because of the loss of some silly vegetables?! WHAT?! I mean.. In case you haven't noticed, you have another daughter who you have discarded like a piece of shit. You pretend like she's never excited at all!!!
Carol: Please Fanny, stop this now!
Fanny: Why? So I don't tell precious mum and dad what you're really up to at your new prestigious school? drinking and fucking guys?! It doesn't really suit your strong Christian beliefs, huh?
Peter: (rises from the chair) ENOUGH NOW! Get out of my house!
Fanny: (gets up and picks up her purse) Yes , I will.. You can have your fake world inside these walls. Good luck!
(sound of the front door opening and then slamming shut, Monica starts crying again)
Peter: (to Monica) I told you, we shouldn't have invited her.

3) A dialogue without explaining the scenario.
- Hi Patrick!
- oh.. Hi, Sasha. You're wearing some pretty special pants.
- Well yeah.. I know. My boyfriend said I looked a bit like a clown on drugs when I went out this morning.
- Ah, ha ha.. Alright. I wouldn't say that but they certainly stand out from a crowd.
- I'm actually on my way to our hometown.
-Oh, euh.. Why? I mean.. Is there anything in particular coming up?
- No, or at least not what I know of. I'm just going to pay a visit.
- I see, I've actually cut the contact with a lot of people from back home just recently. I feel everything there is more or less destructive, you know? I mean, anyone who claims the opposite is lying or a part of it still..
- I can understand that you feel that way, but for me it wasn't that hardcore.. But I definitely respect your feeling towards it.
- Don't get me wrong, I don't think everyone from there is junkies or whatever.
- No, I understan... But I really need to go now, my train leaves in a bit.
- It was nice seeing you.
-Yeah, likewise.
- Goodbye then.
-Bye bye.

tisdag 29 juni 2010

e-writing assignment 1

The Garden

It seemed like any other morning really. Amelia woke up in her large double bed, she placed her elderly feet in her slippers and put on her dressing gown. Amelia looked out the window and glanced quickly through her beloved garden that shimmered in the morning sun. Especially she loved the iris flowers that she had planted last year. She looked at her night stand clock, it was 7.20 in the morning. She walked down the stairs, passed through the hall and turned right into the old-fashion kitchen. What she saw standing in the kitchen made her head turn against her, reading a huge question-mark.

Amelia, good morning” the woman said. Amelia convinced herself that she still was asleep. She rubbed her eyes, looking down and then looking up again, sure nothing would be there. The woman still stood there, giving her a smile. She spoke to her again, “I'm sorry if I startled you, it's just that...I don't have anywhere to go, and I saw your beautiful house and thought..” The woman looked a bit troubled, “I thought I could come in since the door was open.”

Amelia, nearly 90 years old, had never been in this situation before, she stroked her hands across the soft satin fabric in her dressing gown and couldn't really find anything suitable to say. The woman gave her a smile and took a step forward with her right hand in the air, looking for another hand to shake, “My name is Stacy”. Amelia took the woman's hand but shrinked back a bit, when she felt Stacy's cold fingers touching hers. The woman immediately spoke “I'm sorry, I'm a little frozen since I slept outside this night.” Amelia slowly nodded her head. “Stacy, maybe you want some tea or coffee?” The elder woman put on a teapot, still somewhat confused and suspicious. “yes please” Stacy replied.

The two women sat down by the kitchen table and drank their tea. Amelia thought the situation was a bit peculiar, she felt sad for Stacy for being homeless and alone, but there was something about her that made her feel uncomfortable. Something was not right. “So Amelia, I understand you have lived here a long time, you bought this house together with Hank, when he was still alive..” Amelia felt her inside burst into flames as this stranger brought up her dead husband. She nervously looked into Stacy's eyes, there was a golden spark in them. “How do you know that?” she asked her. “Maybe you consider that as an important question. But I have one that certainly is more relevant. How come your garden is so alive and thriving, when your soul is starving? Tell me why you haven't taken care of your demons.”

Amelia couldn't believe what she was hearing. Who was this woman, and what did she want? Stacy reached after the old woman's hand, “Amelia, you don't have to be frightened, I'm not here to hurt you, I want to help you to... let go.” Amelia stood up from her chair, she started saunter around the kitchen and then suddenly she stopped. She slowly turned her head around to the wall clock, staring at the minute hand, 7.20 in the morning. She rushed towards the clock, understanding with all her fears coming true, that the hand showing seconds was moving but time was not. She collapsed on the floor. Stacy got up from her seat and with a calm mothers grace she put her hand on top of Amelia's'.

Darling,you see, the time is standing still because the world is waiting for you to leave it.” Amelia didn't know what to say anymore, she felt Stacy's hand, the warmth of it that seemed to slip into her own skin. It was no longer cold. “You have been walking on this world even though you were supposed to have left it by now. Your garden is your security blanket, it's the one thing that you cling to instead of just letting go.” Amelia was confused and a bit distressed, but she knew what this strange woman was talking about. She didn't have much more to live for nowadays, no kids and no grandchildren either. Hank had been dead for many years, she was terribly alone and she had become frightened to follow him in his footprints. The tears started to gather in her eyes, she gazed at Stacy.but...I always thought life is...better than death. That there lies an undoubtable meaning in choosing life instead of the opposite” Stacy shooked her head. “No Amelia, not when the time is right for leaving.” Stacy pulled Amelia up, they stood beside each other. “Stacy, can I bring Fiddlers?” Amelia said while looking into the living room, seeking the cats familiar face. “Yes you can.”

Stacy got the cat and took Amelia under her arm. They stopped for a few seconds while Amelia took a last look at her house. She wasn't frightened now, she was clear about the conditions of her existence. Amelia placed herself in Stacy's old Mercedes and held her cat tight to her chest when the digital watch in the car turned to 7.21. Stacy gave her a smile and turned on the ignition key. They drove off, leaving a cloud of dust behind them.